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This Love Is Assumption Outside for Fukami Kun LIST CHAPTERS

This Love Is Assumption Outside for Fukami Kun manga :

An unexpected love starting from an unplanned kiss. Fukami-kun is a smart, good-looking guy who is popular with the girls. But in actuality, he's a disappointingly stubborn boy who refuses to accommodate anyone else's schedule, leading him to be rejected even after being confessed to. One day, a strange girl, Higurashi Akio, is looking for her cat around the school grounds, and the two of them somehow end up kissing by accident. Unlike Fukami-kun, Akio doesn't seem to care about the accident at all. At first, Fukami-kun is irked by her attitude, but gradually comes to hold an interest in the capricious Akio. A youthful love story between a disappointing boy and a strange girl begins.

This Love Is Assumption Outside for Fukami Kun Chapters

Time uploaded
Vol.2 Chapter 18 Jan-15-20
Vol.2 Chapter 17 Jan-12-20
Vol.2 Chapter 16 Jan-09-20
Vol.2 Chapter 15 Jan-07-20
Vol.2 Chapter 14 Jan-02-20
Vol.2 Chapter 13 Dec-21-19
Vol.2 Chapter 12 Dec-20-19
Vol.1 Chapter 11.5 Dec-19-19
Vol.1 Chapter 11 Dec-18-19
Vol.1 Chapter 10 Dec-17-19
Vol.1 Chapter 9 Dec-16-19
Vol.1 Chapter 8 Dec-15-19
Vol.1 Chapter 7 Dec-14-19
Vol.1 Chapter 6 Dec-13-19
Vol.1 Chapter 5 Dec-10-19
Vol.1 Chapter 4 Dec-08-19
Vol.1 Chapter 3 Dec-04-19
Vol.1 Chapter 2 Dec-04-19
Vol.1 Chapter 1 Dec-04-19
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