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Sealed Lips manga :

She was exploited, mistreated by her stepmother and stepsister. They were scum, insane, crazy. She became a tool for her sister's success. After dying of a painful death, she was reborn. In her previous life, she had a fiancee that she admired and loved for a long time, but he was cold and felt disgusted toward her, which brought her pain and made her hopeless. But now, facing him again, she said while smiling: « Let break off the engagement, I don’t want this marriage anymore! » However this man wants to stay in a relationship with her— « Shang Zhen, you were already my person the day you were born. Do you want to break up? That’s too late ».

Sealed Lips Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 40.2 Feb-17-20
Chapter 40.1 Feb-17-20
Chapter 39.2 Feb-16-20
Chapter 39.1 Feb-16-20
Chapter 38.2 Feb-15-20
Chapter 38.1 Feb-15-20
Chapter 37.2 Feb-14-20
Chapter 37.1 Feb-14-20
Chapter 36.2 Feb-14-20
Chapter 36.1 Feb-14-20
Chapter 35.2 Feb-11-20
Chapter 35.1 Feb-11-20
Chapter 34.2 Feb-08-20
Chapter 34.1 Feb-08-20
Chapter 33.2 Feb-07-20
Chapter 33.1 Feb-07-20
Chapter 32.2 Feb-06-20
Chapter 32.1 Feb-06-20
Chapter 31.2 Feb-06-20
Chapter 31.1 Feb-06-20
Chapter 30.2 Jan-20-20
Chapter 30.1 Jan-20-20
Chapter 29.2 Jan-19-20
Chapter 29.1 Jan-19-20
Chapter 28.2 Jan-18-20
Chapter 28.1 Jan-18-20
Chapter 27.2 Jan-17-20
Chapter 27.1 Jan-16-20
Chapter 26.2 Jan-16-20
Chapter 26.1 Jan-16-20
Chapter 25.2 Jan-16-20
Chapter 25.1 Jan-16-20
Chapter 24.2 Jan-14-20
Chapter 24.1 Jan-14-20
Chapter 23.2 Jan-14-20
Chapter 23.1 Jan-14-20
Chapter 22.2 Jan-14-20
Chapter 20.2 Dec-12-19
Chapter 20.1 Dec-12-19
Chapter 19.2 Dec-12-19
Chapter 19.1 Dec-12-19
Chapter 18.2 Dec-10-19
Chapter 18.1 Dec-10-19
Chapter 17.2 Dec-10-19
Chapter 17.1 Dec-10-19
Chapter 16.2 Dec-07-19
Chapter 16.1 Dec-07-19
Chapter 15.2 Dec-07-19
Chapter 15.1 Dec-07-19
Chapter 14.2 Dec-06-19
Chapter 14.1 Dec-06-19
Chapter 13.2 Dec-06-19
Chapter 13.1 Dec-06-19
Chapter 12.2 Dec-05-19
Chapter 12.1 Dec-05-19
Chapter 11.2 Dec-05-19
Chapter 11.1 Dec-05-19
Chapter 10.2 Dec-04-19
Chapter 10.1 Dec-04-19
Chapter 9.2 Dec-04-19
Chapter 9.1 Dec-04-19
Chapter 8.2 Dec-03-19
Chapter 8.1 Dec-03-19
Chapter 7.2 Dec-03-19
Chapter 7.1 Dec-03-19
Chapter 6.2 Dec-03-19
Chapter 6.1 Dec-03-19
Chapter 5.2 Dec-03-19
Chapter 5.1 Dec-03-19
Chapter 4.2 Dec-03-19
Chapter 4.1 Dec-03-19
Chapter 3.2 Dec-03-19
Chapter 3.1 Dec-03-19
Chapter 2.2 Dec-03-19
Chapter 2.1 Dec-03-19
Chapter 1.2 Dec-03-19
Chapter 1.1 Dec-03-19
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