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Flowers in Distress LIST CHAPTERS

Flowers in Distress manga :

How many stages should one experience to be intimate with others? Saying hello, getting along well, making friends, dating and being in a relationship and more...l love him", she's been practicing this sentence in her mind over and over again, waiting a "correct" time to confess her love with him, one of her best friends. Thinking it is fate to see him afar, she's just about to say "what a coincidence" when she only found herself being in an awkward distress...

Flowers in Distress Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 34 Dec-07-19
Chapter 33 Dec-07-19
Chapter 32 Dec-07-19
Chapter 31 Dec-07-19
Chapter 30 Dec-07-19
Chapter 29 Dec-07-19
Chapter 28 Dec-05-19
Chapter 27 Dec-05-19
Chapter 26 Dec-05-19
Chapter 25 Dec-05-19
Chapter 24 Dec-05-19
Chapter 23 Dec-04-19
Chapter 22 Nov-29-19
Chapter 21 Nov-16-19
Chapter 20 Nov-15-19
Chapter 19 Nov-15-19
Chapter 18 Nov-15-19
Chapter 17 Nov-15-19
Chapter 16 Nov-15-19
Chapter 15 Nov-15-19
Chapter 14 Nov-15-19
Chapter 13 Nov-15-19
Chapter 12 Nov-15-19
Chapter 11 Nov-15-19
Chapter 10 Nov-15-19
Chapter 9 Nov-15-19
Chapter 8 Nov-15-19
Chapter 7 Nov-15-19
Chapter 6 Nov-15-19
Chapter 5 Nov-15-19
Chapter 4 Nov-15-19
Chapter 3 Nov-15-19
Chapter 2 Nov-15-19
Chapter 1 Nov-15-19
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