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The Scroll manga :

The new high school student Mei Xiaoying was cheated by a mysterious man who claimed to have cheap yet cozy apartment for rent, which turned out to be a dilapidated one. And she found an old scroll in the apartment. When opening the scroll, along with a thunder, a beautiful guy in ancient costume appeared... He said he was Su daji!

The Scroll Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 45 Dec-03-19
Chapter 44 Dec-03-19
Chapter 43 Dec-03-19
Chapter 42 Dec-03-19
Chapter 41 Dec-03-19
Chapter 40 Sep-25-19
Chapter 39 Sep-25-19
Chapter 38 Sep-25-19
Chapter 37 Sep-25-19
Chapter 36 Sep-25-19
Chapter 35 Sep-25-19
Chapter 34 Sep-25-19
Chapter 33 Sep-25-19
Chapter 32 Sep-25-19
Chapter 31 Sep-25-19
Chapter 30 Sep-23-19
Chapter 29 Sep-23-19
Chapter 28 Sep-23-19
Chapter 27 Sep-23-19
Chapter 26 Sep-23-19
Chapter 25 Sep-22-19
Chapter 24 Sep-22-19
Chapter 23 Sep-22-19
Chapter 22 Sep-22-19
Chapter 21 Sep-22-19
Chapter 20 Sep-21-19
Chapter 19 Sep-21-19
Chapter 18 Sep-21-19
Chapter 17 Sep-21-19
Chapter 16 Sep-21-19
Chapter 15 Sep-19-19
Chapter 14 Sep-19-19
Chapter 13 Sep-19-19
Chapter 12 Sep-19-19
Chapter 11 Sep-19-19
Chapter 10 Sep-13-19
Chapter 9 Sep-13-19
Chapter 8 Sep-13-19
Chapter 7 Sep-13-19
Chapter 6 Sep-13-19
Chapter 5 Sep-23-19
Chapter 4 Sep-23-19
Chapter 3 Sep-23-19
Chapter 2 Sep-23-19
Chapter 1 Sep-23-19
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