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The Superb Captain in the City LIST CHAPTERS

The Superb Captain in the City manga :

An extraordinarily charming and capable retired special forces who is pursued by enemies all over the world and targeted by evil powers. On top of these, he is also burdened with the mission of protecting his loved one. What kind of experience will this be?

The Superb Captain in the City Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 84 Oct-19-19
Chapter 83 Oct-17-19
Chapter 82 Oct-11-19
Chapter 81 Oct-10-19
Chapter 80 Oct-04-19
Chapter 79 Oct-03-19
Chapter 78 Oct-03-19
Chapter 77 Sep-26-19
Chapter 76 Sep-22-19
Chapter 75 Sep-22-19
Chapter 74 Sep-22-19
Chapter 73 Sep-22-19
Chapter 72 Sep-22-19
Chapter 71 Sep-22-19
Chapter 70 Sep-20-19
Chapter 69 Sep-20-19
Chapter 68 Sep-20-19
Chapter 67 Sep-20-19
Chapter 66 Sep-20-19
Chapter 65 Sep-18-19
Chapter 64 Sep-18-19
Chapter 63 Sep-18-19
Chapter 62 Sep-18-19
Chapter 61 Sep-18-19
Chapter 60 Sep-17-19
Chapter 59 Sep-17-19
Chapter 58 Sep-17-19
Chapter 57 Sep-17-19
Chapter 56 Sep-17-19
Chapter 55 Sep-16-19
Chapter 54 Sep-16-19
Chapter 53 Sep-16-19
Chapter 52 Sep-16-19
Chapter 51 Sep-16-19
Chapter 50 Sep-15-19
Chapter 49 Sep-15-19
Chapter 48 Sep-15-19
Chapter 47 Sep-15-19
Chapter 46 Sep-15-19
Chapter 45 Sep-15-19
Chapter 44 Sep-14-19
Chapter 43 Sep-14-19
Chapter 42 Sep-14-19
Chapter 41 Sep-14-19
Chapter 40 Sep-13-19
Chapter 39 Sep-13-19
Chapter 38 Sep-13-19
Chapter 37 Sep-13-19
Chapter 36 Sep-13-19
Chapter 35 Sep-12-19
Chapter 5 Dec-20-18
Chapter 4 Dec-20-18
Chapter 3 Dec-20-18
Chapter 2 Dec-20-18
Chapter 1 Dec-20-18
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