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Look at me when you want to cry LIST CHAPTERS
  • Look at me when you want to cry

    Alternative : Crying ; 울고싶을 때 날 봐
  • Author(s): Moto
  • Genres : Romance - School life - Webtoons - Manhwa
  • Status : Completed
  • Last updated :
  • View : 71,360
  • Rate :
  •   mangasilo.com rate : 4.83/ 5 - 6 votes

Look at me when you want to cry manga :

It was a usual day for Yu Hui-Ne, a color blind girl.

A usual black & white day.

But now, she can see colors for the first time.

Look at me when you want to cry Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 26 May-16-19
Chapter 25 May-16-19
Chapter 24 May-16-19
Chapter 23 May-16-19
Chapter 22 May-16-19
Chapter 21 May-16-19
Chapter 20 May-16-19
Chapter 19 May-16-19
Chapter 18 May-16-19
Chapter 17 May-16-19
Chapter 16 May-16-19
Chapter 15 Sep-02-18
Chapter 14 Sep-02-18
Chapter 12 Sep-02-18
Chapter 11 Sep-02-18
Chapter 9 Sep-02-18
Chapter 7 Sep-02-18
Chapter 2 Sep-02-18
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