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Tensei Ouji wa Daraketai LIST CHAPTERS

Tensei Ouji wa Daraketai manga :

Haruto is an ordinary Japanese student who is tired of constant work and study. After getting trucked, he is reincarnated as Phil Graceheart, the youngest child in a royal family. When Phil is three years old, he gets a head injury that causes him to remember his former life. Armed with the knowledge of his past self, he is now on a mission to live a completely relaxing and carefree life.

Tensei Ouji wa Daraketai Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 23 Feb-09-20
Chapter 22 Feb-09-20
Chapter 21 Dec-25-19
Chapter 20 Oct-29-19
Chapter 19 Sep-07-19
Chapter 18 Aug-25-19
Chapter 17 Jul-02-19
Chapter 16 May-30-19
Chapter 15 Apr-21-19
Chapter 14 Mar-22-19
Chapter 13 Mar-02-19
Chapter 12 Jan-19-19
Chapter 11 Dec-22-18
Chapter 10 Oct-16-18
Chapter 9 Oct-15-18
Chapter 8 Oct-04-18
Chapter 7 Sep-23-18
Chapter 6 Jun-16-18
Chapter 5 May-20-18
Chapter 4 May-10-18
Chapter 3 May-10-18
Chapter 2 May-10-18
Chapter 1 May-10-18
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